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little santa

16ft of grenn yarn and also 16 feet of red yarn
13dc across and 16 up and down
then tie it off with a bow and put buttons for eyes and nose then your done

optinal to glue string to head to hang

afghan pattern

easy afghan pattern for beginners

Kelly Doll Dress Pattern

This Kelly Doll dress crochet pattern was kindly contributed by Jackie of Jackie's Crochet Creations. Please contact Jackie with any problem you may encounter with this pattern.

© 2004 Jackie's Crochet Creations. All Rights Reserved.

Materials: Variegated purple thread size 10. Size B hook. Metal snap for back. Sewing needle and thread. Embroidery needle. Purple bow. Fabric glue.

Dress: Ch 24

Christening Dress


© 2002 Brenda McAfee. All Rights Reserved.

This crocheted Christening dress, finishing techniques and photos were used with permission from Brenda McAfee.

little black bag

g-hook 1- 4oz skien black yarn. Chain 30 st.

Simple Crochet Pullover Dress

This link will take you directly to the pattern for a Simple Crochet Dress. Made from 4 ply yarn with crochet hook size 'I' in single crochet stitch. You can also link from there to three more free patterns — Crochet Bikink, Crochet Pullover and Crochet Tube Top.

Amigurumi Bear

Santa Fridgie

© Dayna Audirsch, 2003. All Rights Reserved.

This great Santa Fridgie crochet pattern was generously contributed by Dayna Audirsch of Dayna's Crochet. Please contact Dayna with any problem you may encounter with this pattern.

What you will need: F hook; Small amounts of pink, white and red worsted weight yarn; googlie eyes; 3 small red beads and thread.

Terms: FLO: Front Loop Only; BL: Back Loop.

kimberly's scarf

1-4 oz skien yarn ch 25 dc in 3rd ch from hook and across(22 dcs) Row 2 2dc,ch 1 1dc acrossend 2 dc of row (middle work can very but side need to be 2 dc) make to desired length roughly 45 inches

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