Start your craft project with free crochet patterns.

For either a beginning or experienced crocheter, free crochet patterns are always a boon. Crocheting offers many benefits that include:

  1. Making gifts for friends or family.
  2. Saving your sanity on long travel trips.
  3. Providing a relaxing activity in the middle of a stressful schedule.
  4. Offering an outlet for your creativity.
  5. Giving you an opportunity to meet new people.
  6. Feeling productive while watching TV.
  7. Connecting with your children and other relatives in a meaningful way.
  8. Saving money while making attractive accessories for yourself.

When selecting free crochet patterns, it's important to consider the level of expertise. Beginning crocheters need simple patterns and clear directions. Consideration must also be given to the type of yarn, price, weight, and amount of yarn needed for a project. If you are looking for unusual yarns, browsing online is a convenient way to shop. All crocheting patterns designate the correct hook size required.

Whether it's a gift for a new baby, a poncho for a teenager, or an afghan to cuddle up in, check out our "Free Crochet Patterns Resources" section for suggestions on some of the best sites for free crochet patterns.