Shawls are not just for little old ladies. Browse through free crochet shawl patterns to find an up-to-date pattern.

Shawls conjure up a picture of days past, but free crochet shawl patterns refutes this idea. Lacy, fringed, light weight or bulky, free crochet shawl patterns present a variety of styles. Are you looking for an elegant evening wrap or a shawl to throw on as you leave for grocery shopping? Finding the style you want is easy using free crochet shawl patterns.

An easy way to vary a pattern is to use two different colors for your shawl, or you can achieve an interesting texture by combining smooth yarn with brushed yarn. You can express your own personality by choosing just the right style from free crochet shawl patterns.

When using patterns from free crochet shawl patterns, be sure and purchase the type or brand of yarn and hook size designated in the directions. Otherwise, check the gauge. Gauge is determined by the number of stitches per inch when using a specific size hook and specific weight of yarn. Crochet a 4 x 4 swatch with a similar yarn and the designated hook size. Measure the finished swatch and adjust the hook size to obtain the gauge indicated in the pattern. Be sure that you purchase enough yarn for the finished project. Otherwise, the differences in dye lots may produce an uncalled for result. Browse the links in the " Free Crochet Shawl Patterns Resources" section, and find a shawl for every occasion.